Crude Oil Pipeline Operator

Denver City, TX
Job Description: 

This position operates and maintains identified pipeline assets and facilities including, pipelines, tanks, pipeline pumping stations, LACTs and gathering facilities, to ensure accurate and safe transportation and storage of products. 


  1. Responsible for petroleum product movements in and out of pipeline pump stations
  2. uses tools and techniques to accurately assess and quantify the quality of crude oil and/or refined products
  3. Responsible for storage of products, and custody transfer activities with connecting carriers and customers
  4. Routinely inspects pumps and valves for proper operation.
  5. Perform/Maintain Housekeeping of assets and facilities.
  6. Responsible for accurate quality and quantity measurement of crude oil per Stakeholders procedures and reporting. Check BS&W content to maintain good oil, and check sample pot pressure and level on LACT units daily.
  7. Performs monthly DOT tankage inspections, fire extinguisher inspections, and maintains associated records.
  8. Inspects perimeter fencing, locks, etc. to maintain proper facility, pipeline and ROW security and addresses and reports any infractions.
  9. Inspects and assures that routine and DOT compliance maintenance is performed on ROW (i.e. Install pipeline markers, etc), equipment and valves.
  10. Interface with various landowners including private, state and federal agencies.
  11. Locate pipelines as needed and oversee excavations and line crossings.
  12. Maintains communications with Pipeline Control Center and monitor system remotely.
  13. Monitor Automation systems to ensure safe and efficient operations.
  14. Witness meter proving, crude oil shipment from lease to delivery point and run pipeline pigs as needed.
  15. Perform other pipeline related tasks or projects as deemed necessary by Operations Supervisor.
  16. Attend all safety meetings and safety training as required.
  17. May from time to time be required to attend meetings at the San Antonio, TX Stakeholder corporate office. 

Skill sets required

  1. High school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Must have pipeline knowledge and experience, and capability to take on a wide range of pipeline responsibilities and 
  3. Ability to manage pump station, pipeline and lease crude oil shipping responsibilities resulting in safe operating conditions and in compliance with government regulations.
  4. Ability to read and comprehend technical operational manuals
  5. Basic math and computer /PC skills.
  6. As job proficiency is attained, ability to calculate fluid flow, determine and perform batch scheduling and coordinate related activities and use basic sampling equipment.
  7. Must have a valid driver’s license to drive company vehicles.
  8. Ability to speak read and write English.
  9. Must be organized and proficient in record keeping.
  10. Must possess or obtain operator qualifications as deemed by the Operations Supervisor and complete Haz-Mat training, safety programs and meet minimum D.O.T. requirements.
  11. Strong communication and interpersonal skills and be able to work alone and with minimal supervision.
  12. Ability to occasionally lift or carry moderately heavy equipment up to 50 pounds, working, stooping, kneeling, bending, climbing and walking distances in all types of terrain.
  13. Works outdoors in open environment with extremes of heat and cold.
  14. Ability to effectively work independently with little or no supervision.
  15. Able to accommodate travel, overtime, extreme weather, and participate in “on-call” rotation as required

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer