Energy. Environment. Excellence.

Solving Today’s Problems 
to Create a Sustainable Future

Stakeholder Midstream is dedicated to solving problems and creating value for our customers in an environmentally responsible manner. Our experienced team has a strong history of execution through all key phases of the midstream value chain.

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Carbon Management
as a Core Focus

Stakeholder seeks to partner with energy companies who wish to take immediate action to protect the environment, who seek to make carbon reduction a core component of their business model and who want to work together with a like-minded midstream company. We believe this is the time for our industry to take meaningful action.

Stakeholder currently operates two permanent sequestration wells that are responsible for the capture and secure geologic storage of approximately 100,000 metric tons per year of CO2. This effort is equivalent to eliminating the carbon emissions of 13,000 US households or removing 21,000 vehicles from the road. Stakeholder’s sequestration wells are located immediately adjacent to the backbone of the premier CO2 interstate pipelines in the United States, allowing it to also provide CO2 disposal and storage services to third parties in the Permian Basin and beyond.

Stakeholder is leveraging its existing operating assets, proximity to large-scale interstate CO2 infrastructure as well as its team’s unparalleled technical capabilities and expertise to help others in their quest to reduce their carbon footprint.

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100,000 tons of CO2 sequestered annually

Our Story

Our goal is to create lasting equitable relationships with our customers, landowners, vendors and local residents where we operate.  Learn more about Stakeholder’s history and operating philosophy.

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Our Team

Stakeholder has assembled a team of energetic, dedicated midstream professionals with a proven ability to execute and problem solve to consistently create value for its customers.

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Stakeholder’s operations are based in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico and include the San Andres Crude Gathering System, the Campo Viejo Gas Gathering System, and the Pozo Acido and Rattlesnake carbon sequestration wells.

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