Carbon Capture and Sustainable Energy

Stakeholder believes that carbon-based energy will continue to play a vital role in our nation’s energy security needs for the short and medium term, but also firmly believes that the oil and gas industry has a responsibility to reduce its environmental footprint to the greatest extent possible. 

One of the key ways the oil and gas industry can accomplish making a meaningful reduction in its carbon intensity is through Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS).

The Stakeholder team has a long history and deep breadth of experience with CCS, with key team members having engineered and or operated nine injection wells in Texas and New Mexico. Currently, Stakeholder operates the Pozo Acido and Rattlesnake injection wells located adjacent to the Campo Viejo and 30-30 processing plants. Both wells inject into a secure storage formation over two miles below the surface and over 10,000 feet below the water table.

Carbon Dioxide Sequester and Storage
100,000 tons of CO2 sequestered annually

Stakeholder has significantly increased the amount of carbon dioxide permanently sequestered each year in its wells. Currently Stakeholder is responsible for the capture and secure geologic storage of greater than 100,000 metric tons per year of carbon dioxide. This effort is equivalent to eliminating the carbon emissions of 13,000 U.S. households or removing 21,000 vehicles from the road. Stakeholder is currently developing an expansion of its Campo Viejo facility, which will allow Stakeholder to remove and inject up to 185,000 metric tons per year of carbon dioxide from its inlet gas streams from its existing customer base.

Metric Tons of CO2 per year Captured and Sequestered

In addition to Stakeholder’s current CO2 injection efforts, the team is actively leveraging its additional permitted capacity at both wells as well as its proximity to some of the most prolific CO2 interstate pipelines in the United States, allowing Stakeholder to provide carbon dioxide disposal and storage services to third parties in the Permian Basin and beyond.

CCS is an integral focus and business segment for our company. We believe CCS is the most important, logical and strategic step that U.S. oil and gas companies can take right now to reduce carbon emissions across the oil and gas value chain.

By partnering with third parties, including other gas processing plants in the Permian region and beyond, Stakeholder’s goal is to make a meaningful reduction towards the carbon intensity of the energy we and the industry manage. Stakeholder’s carbon management assets are located proximally to the most prolific CO2 pipelines in North America. Our team has the experience, ingenuity and financial support required to execute on our vision of becoming a leading emissions and carbon management solution provider in the U.S.